How to decide which nlp program to attend

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How to decide which NLP Program to attend

If you have reached this Blog –

You are most likely searching for good NLP programs.
Comparing prices of various NLP training in Bangalore.
Doing your research about modules of NLP programs in Bangalore, prices of various NLP programs in Bangalore, and also what each NLP Academy is offering and specifically which NLP Program to attend in Bangalore.

Are you thinking about questions like:

Which NLP program to attend?                                                                                                                                     How to find a good NLP Practitioner program in Bangalore or NLP Practitioner program in general?
Best Certified NLP Practitioner Program?
Best NLP Master Practitioner Program?
How to Compare NLP Programs?
Best Discounted NLP Practitioner Programs?, etc.

There are various factors and considerations that can determine which NLP Program to attend:
Affordability, Location, Quality of Program, Trainers, Post program support, Certification that is being offered, NLP Program Content etc.

Here is a list of indicative questions that you must consider before you attend an NLP program.

Program Content: Some Practitioner programs claim to be Practitioner programs, but in reality they are just simple introductory programs. You should read the NLP Program content in detail, and make sure that the topics covered are varied, and cover bare minimum topics in NLP. Good Practitioner Programs around the globe will be 85-90% similar in nature. Good facilitators will keep some degree of flexibility in the program and can choose to add/remove topics based on group/participants needs.

Program Duration: What practitioner program should you attend? 5 days? 7 days? 10 days? Is 10 days better than 5 days?
Well that depends on how many hours of training you are going to attend in a day. If you are going to attend effectively 6 hours of training, then a 7 days training is only 42 hours of training. A 5-day or 6-day program, Intensive in nature, doing 9/10 hours of training during the day, along with home assignments, will be more effective. Also, Intensive Programs are being designed so that you are not spending too many days in training, and are not taking too many days off from work, and this will also ensure that training cost is relatively cheaper. You are getting real value for your money by attending a training program where the number of hours spent in training during the day is more rather than a program where effective training hours are less.

Program Inclusions: What are you going to get after the NLP Program? Does the NLP program cost include training material, is the Certificate included? Do you become a member of any association? Are you being provided online membership of any Portal? Is your NLP Certification status being uploaded on any website? Accreditation of the program? Further support/mentoring in your NLP journey? Etc.  

Continuous Support: You have attended an NLP Program of your choice, what next? Do you get support after your program? Is there a structure in place where you can reach out to the facilitator, or past participants, or associated NLP coaches? A support structure is going to keep your Novelty Level regarding NLP high, and will ensure that you are constantly using and practicing NLP. 

Program Cost: “Expensive program is the Best program”, is that your selection criteria? Well, you never know where a good deal might be waiting for you. There are NLP programs which are being provided Free/Discounted as part of Community Development. The quality of the program can’t be determined by its price. Training happening in Five Star Venue is going to be expensive, but that does not determine it is ‘Good’. Attend trainings where the content of program is good, and at an affordable price, along with the above mentioned factors. Check what you are buying with your money – a good training program or a good venue for training.

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