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Benefits of NLP program in Bangalore – How to improve presentation skills

Presentations usually get better with practice. We may have seen some people who are a natural when they are in the spotlight and everyone is listening to them, but these kind of people are very few and for the most part of it, we have to hone (One of the many benefits of attending an NLP programs) our presentation skills by finding inspiration in others, preparing well for the presentation and broadening our knowledge related to the concept or subject that we will be talking on. Looking for an NLP Program in Bangalore, here are a few tips (using NLP persuasive language and tools) to create a significant difference in the quality of your presentations by using NLP language patterns and concepts:

1.Always have a take-home message for your audience

When you end your presentation with, “Tonight, think of the areas of life where you are struggling and then tomorrow think of ways in which you can emerge from your struggle”, you give your audience something to think about when they go home. It has a deeper impact on their minds and helps them remember your presentation more effectively.

2.Welcome questions even if they are in the middle of your presentation

Many people think it is best to keep the questions at the end of the presentation but that can always lead to lower responses. Your audience will have questions as you are taking through the presentation. Give them the opportunity to ask questions as and when it comes to their mind.

3.Don’t forget to have a contingency plan in place

Sometimes, everything may not go as planned. The equipment may not work right, you may end up getting lesser time or the audience may not respond as expected. Keep your worst fears related to the presentation in mind and create a contingency to help you stay prepared if things don’t work out the way they should.  Future pace (NLP terminology – Visualization) different scenarios how you will run them if one or the other comes up, and this way you are ready for multiple scenarios.

4.Start your presentations with a unique thought or fact that your audience may not know

A good way to get the attention of your audience is to start on a high note with a thought or a fact that can get them engrossed. Telling them the importance of being attentive or to ask them to put their phones on silent may hardly get you the attention you need. Instead, begin with an analogy that relates to your presentation and you will have most of them listening to you.  NLP story telling is a very powerful way to start, any presentation, and get the audience interested in listening.

5.Identify a way to benefit the audience by the end of the presentation

Most people fail to see that the audience hopes to find a way in which the presentation will be beneficial for them. Always put a conscious effort into ensuring that your audience will have learned something new which they can benefit from when the presentation ends. It can make a considerable difference!

6.Don’t let your insecurities show

We’ve heard too often at presentations on how less time the person had to prepare or how they are not very good at presenting. But that is not why the audience took the time and effort to attend it. Be more confident of yourself and keep your insecurities for the backstage.

7.Keep it simple

Simple slides that can be scanned instantly make more sense. Don’t end up reading your slides and don’t design slides with too much of text.

8.Don’t run longer than what they expect

Value the time your audience is giving you. Keep your presentation precise and if you have 30 minutes for a presentation then make sure you finish in 25 minutes and have 5 minutes on hand to know your audience better.

These are some of the many benefits of attending an NLP program in Bangalore.


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