NLP Training in Bangalore

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Free NLP Training in Bangalore

Well Free NLP Training in Bangalore sounds great, or some may say, yes, this is music to my ears.  Is this program which is mentioned as Free NLP Training in Bangalore really true?  Answer is ‘Yes’ it is, and it has been Free from many years now.  We believe that a self-transformation program like NLP must be taught in school / colleges / universities, and must be part of course curriculum considering the benefits of NLP in Personal transformation, Business Transformation, Leadership Development, Enhancing Communication, and learning how to be Persuasive.  This is such a core skill for every human being that it can’t be neglected in near future, and we hope that at some point this course is being offered in school, colleges as part of course curriculum for students to get ready.

Why Free NLP Training in Bangalore?

Here is the story behind this Free NLP Training in Bangalore.  One of our founders was doing a program 4 years back, and one of his friends asked him, “Can I attend for free?” Well for friends there is no charge, so he was offered a free ticket.  The friend asked, “Can I get another friend of mine?” The answer was ‘Yes’ to that question.  So the program happened, and during the feedback session the friend of cofounder’s friend broke down, and said, “These six days of NLP program have been a great revelation for me. It has enabled me to think for myself, what works for me, and how to get better at things which I thought are impossible, I wish this program was Free for all others to attend”.  The whole experience was so profound that the founder of NLP Coaching Academy decided that NLP Training in Bangalore will be offered for Free, and even after so many years, we still continue to offer it as a Free NLP Program in Bangalore, because it matches the value the founder has for the society and it is being offered as part of Social Responsibility.

There were many questions around the quality of the program etc etc., because for many people anything that is Free is bad.  To answer that part, the program which is being offered as Free is approved by ABNLP (American board of NLP), and the coaching part is approved by ICF USA (International Coach Federation), so the same program where a person can attend and take approved certificates is Free for somebody who’s objective is to learn NLP.  Yes, certificates are important and for some it matters, so we maintain a balance by offering certificates in the same program, those who want to take them.  The same six days ICF approved programs in the Indian market are worth 1. 6 lacs – 3 lacs

Offering a Free program from our main site (NLP Coaching Academy) does at time raise the question about the quality of this Free program, where people can get a vibe that Free program quality might not be good, to cut that discussion we have integrated our Free training program with our paid program itself, so that discussion is closed for good.  We have the same trainers/coaches and course material, the question of quality is taken care by doing that.  This is something that we realized a while back and hence this strategy was adopted to maintain the brand of our organization as well, and enabling us to continue to provide Free NLP training in Bangalore.

We are the largest NLP and Coaching organization in Asia offering NLP and Coaching programs in different cities in India, Dubai, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, UK, Kuwait, Cananda, Thailand, Bangaladesh, and growing in other countries.   Our trainer/coaches are spread across the globe, and some of them attended our Free programs and later on took certificates to get into this profession full time, and hence they contribute back by doing Free trainings in various part of the world, and providing Free Coaching wherever possible, and spreading good will.  Our Free NLP Training which started as Free NLP training in Bangalore, has spread to so many cities/countries where many like-minded people have joined us as partners from so many parts of the world.  This reminds of the powerful statement, ‘Together each can achieve more – TEAM’.  This is for our TEAM, which has been delivering this program from so many years, and investing their time and energy to spread the good will!!

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