MetaNLP vs NLP

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You might be aware of the buzz around Meta NLP or NeuroSemantics, and might be curious to know what Meta NLP is? MetaNLP vs NLP is widely searched, and for many the distinction itself is mind boggling.

Here is a simple explanation leading into what makes Meta NLP more effective, and why Meta NLP is the next big think, especially in Indian context.

You hear from someone who has attended an NLP program that NLP:

  • Will change your life
  • It enables a person to experience magic of change
  • Helps to build great belief system
  • Will change the mindset
  • Enables someone to achieve all their goals, and much much more.

Now after that you might have become curious about it, and would have read about it online, hopefully from a credible site, and hopefully not a marketing pitch about a substandard program. The things start to become overwhelming in a way when you get to read 1000s of variations, some 1000s of claims and many other things which are prevalent in the market. Hence, the reason to go for Meta NLP, when you are evaluating MetaNLP vs NLP.

NLP is an open term which can be used by anybody considering it was never copyrighted.  In comparison Meta NLP (NeuroSemantics) is a copyrighted field with rights owned by International Society of NeuroSemantics.  This enables to keep a check on who enters into the field as a certified Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Meta NLP. This helps to control the quality of certifying Trainers of Meta NLP, and as a result if you are contemplating what to go for when you are checking between MetaNLP vs NLP, then you have a clear winner ‘Meta NLP’ / NeuroSemantics, as it is driven by powerful values, ethics, standards, benchmarks, and presuppositions for the NeuroSemantics community.

Meta NLP builds on the traditional classic NLP created by Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, and John Grinder in 70’s and later on in 90’s Legendary Leader of Michael Hall, who developed Meta States Model built on the entire NLP and created many models, and collection of these models, and various patterns founded the heart of Meta NLP, and later on Michael continued the exemplary work and became the true leader that NLPians can look up.  He continues to do his great work in NeuroSemantics and Meta Coaching, and has his team of trainers across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Meta NLP is popular because of the standards and great foundation laid down by the Founder of Meta NLP Michael Hall.  He walks the talk, and ensures that Meta NLP remains the defacto standard when it comes to comparing between Meta NLP vs NLP.

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