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With many sub standard programs available in the market, and with each season there is a decrease in the duration of the number of days (some are 3 days and some 4 days) of NLP Practitioner programs in India, there is a more intense need of Meta NLP Practitioner training in India. NeuroSemantics comes with effective benchmarking, minimum duration of Practitioner program as per the standard set by Society of NeuroSemantics, and the 200 pages course manual developed by the legendary Michael Hall. This ensures higher standard of training leading to higher standard of NLP Practitioners. This creates value, enablement of the Practitioner, and branding at a very deeper level, as Meta NLP Practitioners have gone through the drill with the Licensed NeuroSemantics Trainer, which itself speaks about the Practitioner who is certified, and hence the quality of Meta NLP Practitioner training in India is way above the standards of the NLP training programs in India.

NeuroSemantics training in India is something which not too many people have heard about, the reason being glorification of quick wins (Quick course completion on online platforms, or shortening of duration of NLP Practitioner programs), leading into a massive increase in substandard NLP Practitioner program or NLP courses which are of no use.

For any NLP Practitioner program to be successful, for the participants, the primary criteria is that it has to be delivered experiencially, and the trainer

has to ensure engagement, and provide a safe environment for experience, experiencing, and experimenting (practice to learn during the class).

Here NeuroSemantics scores over Classic NLP, Pure NLP, other forms and codes of NLP, by the very concept of applying to self first. Hence the awareness of Meta NLP Practitioner training in India is on the rise now.

Most of the so called NLP trainers in India are like fruit juice of self help world. They will mix all concepts, whatever they can get their hands on, and use them in their NLP training programs, demeaning the brand of NLP in the bargain, and not allowing participants to have a full NLP experience. The end result will be a participant with a poor understanding of NLP (what was told during the program), and that leads to dissatisfaction in many, wrong notions about NLP, and spreading negativity about NLP.

NeuroSemantics training in India comes as a welcome relief taking the quality of NLP Practitioner programs a level above. It ensures that the content that a participant gets to experience during the program is based on the latest content released by Michael Hall, and also delivered by the best of the best in India, the legendary trainer Vikram Dhar, a legend in his own space, who is one of the most sought after Mentor Coaches and NLP Trainer in Asia. He is certified by different accreditation bodies, but grounds his work in the work directly learned from the co-founders and co-developers of NLP and founder of Meta NLP.

If you want to build your NLP and Coaching brand learn NLP + Meta NLP from a trainer who is the best in the market, and has the highest qualification in the field, and delivers it in a way so that it is easy to apply.

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